Corporate Programs

Rob has presented and continues to present a wide variety of corporate programs to groups as diverse as employees from an Executive Search Firm in Istanbul, Turkey, a major regional bank in Alberta, Canada, Southern California Edison, Bank Boston, Bickford Senior Living Centers, MaRS Center for Innovation, Cargill Industries, the Stanford Business School, the Stanford Medical Center, and Young Presidents Organizations worldwide from Orange County California, to Kyoto, Japan.

Each of these highly entertaining, interactive programs are crafted individually in conjunction with the corporate presenter to deal with materials and topics directly related current corporate concerns and focus on issues like leadership, creativity, innovation, listening for possibility, communication, collaboration, and the challenges of change. Depending on the resources and needs of each organization, Rob does these programs either in collaboration with members of a local orchestra (with the corporate audiences seated onstage within the orchestra itself), or a local string quartet looking at corporate issues in startlingly new ways through the unique lens of music.



  • Rob was amazing.  He took our ATB All In information and incorporated it into his program and really hit home our own ATB messages.  It was eye opening to see our same message delivered in such a different medium.  It gave a new perspective and reinforced the importance of our ATB story and Leader All IN. It was great to see beliefs such as being “relentlessly inventive”, being innovative, listening for possibilities, think yes first, and seeing how small changes can have a very large impact. Rob was entertaining, humorous, and very engaging.  The event moved at a fast pace, which kept the group engaged.  Seeing and hearing our messaging delivered this way provided our team members with a new way to talk about the importance of our messages and a new way to reach team members.    Rob also went above expectation when he gave 3 team members the opportunity to conduct the orchestra- something they’ll never forget! I would love to be able to offer this again, as I believe it delivered a very strong message but in a very enjoyable, memorable manner.


  • Rob Kapilow gave an amazing presentation to YPO-WPO Twin Cities a couple of weeks ago.  I have never seen such high marks from a presenter in YPO Twin Cities. I’m a tough cookie and the Twin Cities chapter holds a pretty high bar…this event changed countless members/spouse lives that night and it changed mine.


  • Rob, you are my new hero! As you know, your keynote presentation scored a 9.7 out of a possible 10.  This is the highest score of any keynote at any YPO University, ever.  This is, by far, totally unprecedented.  Keynotes are lucky to break the 9 barrier.  Heck, last year at the Argentina Presidents’ University, the Dali Lama only scored an 8!  What this indicates to me is how brilliantly you encapsulated the theme of the University and expressed it through Beethoven. Amazing work Rob!


  • I wanted to let you know that our partners loved your session. It was the highlight of our global conference! Our group was fully engaged and incredibly energized by all of your very relevant messages. They were buzzing all night about your performance. We definitely want to have you back and hope to do a client event next Spring.


  • Rob Kapilow was phenomenal! We got to sit on the Winspear stage to listen to beautiful music by Mozart played by the orchestra, while learning to "Listen for Possibilities"! It's very relevant to our ATB Story as it shows us ways to be "relentlessly inventive" and do small things to "create happiness". The weaving in of our language / ALL IN / transforming banking, etc. was really impressive and effective. He had some profound insights about the differences between good or ordinary and great Thank you for the opportunity, and I highly recommend it!


  • Rob gets full marks from me on presentation of his material.  It was very cool to be able to sit in with the members of the orchestra rather than be in the audience and that really added to the experience.  His message ties in well with where we are trying to go with our cultural movement especially around making Personal Connections.  His message about deeply listening was timely, really hit home for me.  Additionally, his points about innovating and surprise, as well as the need to be constantly changing to keep people’s attention comes at a good time as our Senior Leadership have been talking about this lots lately (ATBs)! Again his presentation in making all of these points was outstanding!