“No event has quite captured the prevailing ideology of classical music in America like the premiere of Rob Kapilow’s ‘Citypiece’ last night at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall ... The piece itself was offered as a musical monument, a collective act of music-making and listening intended to bring the city together.”
    — Washington Post (on “D.C. Monuments”)

Rob Kapilow’s Citypieces celebrate American life – its history, peoples and places, diversity and common ground – revealed through the unifying process of collaborative compositions. Citypieces are created through explorations, conversations and town hall meetings with community groups, organizations and schools. Citypiece audiences across America discover music that is dynamic, heartfelt, accessible and entertaining.


  • Golden Gate Opus (Commissioned by The Marin Symphony to celebrate the Bridge’s 75th anniversary; premiered May 2012)
  • Summer Sun, Winter Moon (Lewis & Clark) (2004)
  • ’03: This New Immense, Unbounded World (Louisiana Purchase) (2003)
  • Union Station (150th anniversary of Kansas City) (2000)
  • Monuments at the Millennium (D.C. monuments) (2000)
  • Shuttlecocks (Kansas City sculptures) (1996)

In Spring 2011, Rob Kapilow was commissioned by The Marin Symphony to compose Golden Gate Opus, a piece for orchestra, chorus and recorded natural sound to celebrate the Bridge’s 75th anniversary next year. To capture the authentic sounds of the bridge in this new piece, The Marin Symphony and Rob Kapilow teamed up to gather input from locals, visiting the surrounding communities and schools, and asking the question “what does the bridge sound like to you?”. After an overwhelming response, Rob hopes that the composition will capture the sounds, history and legacy of the iconic landmark. The piece premiered in May 2012, when it was played from both sides of the bridge.

Commemorating the Bicentennial of the Lewis & Clark expedition
World Premiere: Fall 2004