Acclaim for Many Moons

  • “Many Moons is based on the James Thurber story. The libretto by Hilary Blecher is straightforward and atmospheric. The music scampers merrily around [with] the nonstop energy and intelligence that characterizes everything Kapilow does. This piece displays neat craftsmanship, a sharp ear and warm heart.”
        — Boston Globe

  • “It was an opera with a spoonful of honey. Kapilow’s musical setting is light-hearted and craftsmanly.
        — Boston Herald

  • “Kapilow provides a series of lively, sophisticated, often interactive projects that transform classical music into something accessible, engaging, and, dare I say it, fun! ... Shades of The Fantastiks, a bluesy bit reminiscent of Porgy and Bess, a quote from The Nutcracker, even a Mozartean-style quartet that somehow transforms into a jazzy Broadway number. In fact, the shifting and blending of operatic and music-theater styles happens throughout, but the fact that Kapilow does it seamlessly and with such ease and conviction makes it come together very effectively. Kapilow’s music ... is a freewheeling, eclectic pastiche of styles that rolls merrily along from beginning to end. ... The score is colorful, vibrant, expertly crafted, and tunefully accessible ... the audience immediately feels a part of the proceedings. Perhaps the strongest element ... is Rob Kapilow himself, a delightfully humorous and charismatic pied piper with the energetic zeal of a televangelist.
        — Christian Science Monitor