Acclaim for FamilyMusik®

  • “An educator, motivational speaker, and game show host, all rolled up in one ... Rob Kapilow’s insightful and entertaining programs ... often bring moments of revelation to even the most seasoned aficionados.”
        — Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe

  • “Rob’s student concerts, delivered with incredible enthusiasm and energy, are the perfect combination of education and entertainment. We look forward to our next musical discovery with Rob as our guide.”
        — Roberta Smith, Associate Director of Artistic Administration, Education, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

  • “Most adults groan at the idea of family entertainment, which typically implies sickly-sweet stuff for stereotypical kiddies. But it needn’t be so, as Rob Kapilow shows ...”
        — Time Out New York

  • “Rob Kapilow knows how to talk to kids. He combines the high energy of a television game-show host and the quicker-than-they-are mental agility of a savvy teacher.”
        — Boston Herald

  • “Kapilow has cornered the market in quality music addressed to children and their families, and within just a couple of years he has become a very hot commodity, one of America’s most performed and sought-after composers.”
        — Boston Globe

  • “If you think you don’t like classical music, you haven’t met Rob Kapilow. And if you think that even the Pied Piper couldn’t make you love chamber music, think again ... Not since the late Leonard Bernstein did his Young People’s Concerts with the New York Philharmonic has classical music had a combination salesman-teacher as irresistible as Kapilow...He’s as lively as a top-flight sports announcer (and) as entertaining as a stand-up comedian. But he’s also got substance in spades.”
        — Kansas City Star

  • “Kapilow’s series is the most adventurous of its kind, luring children (and adults) who might not otherwise think to go to a concert. His boundless energy is his biggest advantage ... as he sometimes surges ahead before his last bit has sunk in.”
        — The Resident

  • “A delightfully humorous and charismatic pied piper with the energetic zeal of a televangelist”
        — Christian Science Monitor

  • “I really enjoyed your session and I think you are better than Britney Spears.”
        — 12-year-old workshop participant in LA

  • “Kapilow is a kind of Bill Nye the Science Guy for classical music.”
        — Time Out New York Kids