What Critics Are Saying

  • “Mr. Kapilow is a born educator. An enthusiastic and diminutive fellow, he is especially adept at physically following the music around the quartet, making it instantly intelligible for the uninitiated. He is also able to discuss music on two simultaneous levels, thus satisfying neophytes and sophisticates alike.
        — Fred Kirshnit, The New York Sun

  • “An educator, motivational speaker, and game show host, all rolled up in one ... Rob Kapilow’s insightful and entertaining programs ... often bring moments of revelation to even the most seasoned aficionados.”
        — Karen Campbell, The Boston Globe

  • “Rob’s student concerts, delivered with incredible enthusiasm and energy, are the perfect combination of education and entertainment. We look forward to our next musical discovery with Rob as our guide.”
        — Roberta Smith, Associate Director of Artistic Administration, Education, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

  • “Rob Kapilow, classical music’s greatest evangelist ...”
        — Boston Herald

  • “Robert Kapilow is a born teacher, an enthusiast who can think on his feet, a 110 percent believer in the project at hand ... It’s a cheering thought that this kind of missionary enterprise did not pass from this earth with Leonard Bernstein. Robert Kapilow is awfully good at what he does. We need him.”
        — Boston Globe

  • “Rob Kapilow ‘leaps into the void dividing music analysis from appreciation and fills it with exhilarating details and sensations.’”
        — The New York Times

  • “You could practically see the light bulbs going on above people’s heads ... The audience could decipher the music in a new, deeper way. It was the total opposite of passive listening.”
        — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • “This was a knockout combination of education and entertainment ... Hearing each song after Kapilow revealed its musical secrets was like meeting a celebrity just after reading his or her autobiography. ... He has a remarkable ability to make genius understandable to a general audience.”
        — Theatermania.com

  • “If you think you don’t like classical music, you haven’t met Robert Kapilow. And if you think that even the Pied Piper couldn’t make you love chamber music, think again ... Not since the late Leonard Bernstein did his Young People’s Concerts with the New York Philharmonic has classical music had a combination salesman-teacher as irresistible as Kapilow.”
        — Kansas City Star

  • “Mr. Kapilow is like an intellectual golden retriever: glossy, tireless and raring to chase after anything resembling a musical bone.”
        — The New York Times

  • “Rob Kapilow is one of these academically sure-footed, silver-tongued prophets, and he, with Beethoven and the Borromeo String Quartet, left most of yesterday’s audience convinced that the rumors of music’s death are greatly exaggerated.”
        — Boston Globe